Haarlem conference locations ready for the business market

"We want to show that meetings can be safe and hospitable at the same time."

Entrepreneurs in the city learned to cope with the 1.5 meter economy, as did locations that focus on meetings, events and conferences. With adapted business operations, the Haarlem region can safely receive business visitors again without compromising hospitality. In an interview, Haarlem Convention Bureau asked local entrepreneurs Rolf Vooges, Niels Piscaer and Claudia van den Berg how they deal with the current situation and which measures they have applied in their companies.

Vooges Centraal
In addition to Vooges Centraal (behind the NS station in Haarlem), Rolf Vooges also operates a beach pavilion in Zandvoort and knows, partly because of the changeable Dutch weather, what flexible entrepreneurship is: "Running or standing still. But I have never experienced a complete standstill. "Now that Vooges is back in business within the 1.5 meter economy, he is doing it with enthusiasm. Vooges Centraal has room for groups of up to 80 people. Both the large restaurant and the adjacent office and meeting facilities of Frame Offices have been redesigned in accordance with the RIVM rules and can be used in various ways. To name just one thing: first a business meeting, then a drink and later a dinner. Big advantage: Vooges Centraal is located just off the Haarlem train station. Accessible by bus, train, bicycle and a parking garage in front of the door.

Boutique hotel Staats
Claudia van den Berg of Boutiquehotel Staats indicates that their meeting facilities and 21 hotel rooms have recently been booked more often by business visitors: 'For example, there are companies that want to bring their employees together again after all the video calling and working from home in order to get useful to unite with the pleasant. That is possible at Staats, thanks to the collaboration with the neighbors of restaurant De Ripper. "Of course Claudia van den Berg has also set her sights professionally and arranged her company for the 1.5-meter economy. But one thing did not change: "Making sure everyone is more than welcome. Show what is possible! ”

Van der Valk Hotel Haarlem
After an enormous renovation, Niels Piscaer of Van der Valk Hotel Haarlem was completely ready for the business visitor. With no fewer than 20 meeting rooms, optionally in combination with 314 hotel rooms and a further 378 places in the restaurant, the conference hotel is ready to welcome their guests. Piscaer and his approximately 130 colleagues are ready at 1.5 meters. A big advantage is that the business customer at Van der Valk Hotel Haarlem has a lot of space: "We can facilitate groups of all shapes and sizes separately. From tens to hundreds of people. Whether it concerns the halls, catering, toilets, bar or the entrance, nobody gets in each other's way. The routing can be adjusted at any time."

Haarlem Convention Bureau
According to Nathalie Schuurbiers, Manager of the Haarlem Convention Bureau, it is very important to show the congress and meeting market that business visitors can meet safely in Haarlem again. "Knowing that congresses run from one year to one and a half years, this is the time to optimally profile business Haarlem. We do this, among other things, by giving local entrepreneurs the stage through inspiring interviews in which they talk about business meetings in the 1.5-meter society and their view of the future. Watch the three videos in which Vooges Centraal, Boutiquehotel Staats and Van der Valk Hotel Haarlem share their story.

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