DNA yearcongres in Haarlem

On September 26, 2019, The Dutch Association (DNA) organized its fourth annual conference under the motto “Associations; there is music in it! ”. This year it is the honor of Haarlem to host the conference in the Philharmonie.

2 years ago, the Dutch Association decided to organize their fourth annual conference in the city of Haarlem. Miranda de Haan, project assistant at the Dutch Association: "We wanted to organize the conference in the beautiful city of Haarlem because of its appearance, rich history and inspiring location, the Philharmonie. As a theater and conference location, the Philharmonie perfectly suited the theme “Associations; there is music in it! ” and therefore the choice was made quickly. "

The congress started early in the morning at 08:00 with a joint breakfast, after which the day program started with an opening by the illusionists Rob and Emiel. The program consisted of several inspiring speakers such as Herman Pleij and Bjorn Kuipers, learning labs where people could gain knowledge, a lunch at 19 different locations in Haarlem and a closing drink.

The Haarlem Convention Bureau worked on the lunch concept in collaboration with Miranda de Haan. The Haarlem Convention Bureau knows the city well and has relationships with various catering establishments, which is why the organization has asked the convention bureau for advice on suitable locations for lunch. The Haarlem Convention Bureau approached and involved the restaurants. This enabled quick switching and effective communication between all parties.

In groups of 10 to 20 people, the 350 participants of the annual conference spread over 19 different restaurants in Haarlem. Some reactions from participants:

“Lunch in restaurants and therefore exercise and fresh air! Super fun and also smart interruption. ”

“Lunch concept was a lot of fun this way, so you really get in touch with the other people present”

“I thought the external lunch was a top moment: fresh air, walking in the historic city center, getting to know and sharing. Very much enjoyed. ”

This was good exposure for the city of Haarlem as a total of 350 association professionals explored the city during their walk to the restaurants.

Miranda de Haan is proud to look back at a successful annual conference in Haarlem.

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