Safe business meetings

Entrepreneurs have recently learned to operate within the 1.5-meter economy. With adapted business operations, the Haarlem region can safely receive business guests again without compromising hospitality. Below you will find more information about the current measures in Haarlem and the Netherlands.

Based on the press conference (13th of October)

  • The national standard for groups is; invite a maximum of 3 people per day.
  • In indoor spaces where people are seated, the maximum number of people is 30.
  • For groups outside, a maximum of 4 persons or 1 household applies.
  • All food and beverage outlets close their doors(except: hotels for hotel guests, funeral homes and airports past the security check). Pick up is still possible.
  • At so-called transfer locations (for example monuments, libraries and museums), visits must take place on the basis of a reservation per period, with the exception of retail trade and food markets.
  • Retail stores close by 8:00 PM at the latest. Shopping evenings will be cancelled.
  • No more alcohol or soft drugs will be sold or delivered between 8:00 PM - 7:00 AM.
  • It is not allowed to carry or consume alcohol or soft drugs in public spaces between 20:00 and 07:00.
  • For everyone over 18, sports are only allowed at a distance of 1.5 meters and only individually or in a team with no more than 4 people. Competitions are not allowed.
  • For children up to 18 years, team sports and mutual competitions with teams from their own club are allowed.
  • In addition to the sports canteens, showers and changing rooms are also closed.
  • Travel as little as possible.

Mouth masks:

  • From the age of 13, wear a face mask in public indoor areas and on public transport.
  • In secondary education (VO), MBO and higher education (HO), everyone wears a mask outside of class.

Video series - ‘Safe business meetings in Haarlem’

The Haarlem Convention Bureau has made a video series to show the MICE industry some examples of local entrepreneurs and their safety measures. View the videos below.

To add subtitles in the video, click on play, then on settings, click on Subtitles/CC and select ‘Dutch (auto-generated)’. Then go back to settings and click again on Subtitles/CC, select Auto-translate and choose the language of your preference.

Interview Boutique hotel Staats
Claudia van den Berg of Boutiquehotel Staats indicates that their meeting facilities and 21 hotel rooms have recently been booked more often by business visitors: 'For example, there are companies that want to bring their employees together again after all those video calls and working from home in order to get unite the useful with the pleasant. "

Watch the video in which Claudia talks about business meetings in the 1.5-meter economy and her vision for the future.

Interview Vooges Centraal
In addition to Vooges Centraal (behind the train station in Haarlem), Rolf Vooges also operates a beach pavilion in Zandvoort and knows, partly because of the changeable Dutch weather, what flexible entrepreneurship is: "Running or standing still. But I have never experienced to completely stand still in our operations". Now that Vooges is back in business within the 1.5 meter economy, he is doing it with a lot of enthusiasm. Vooges is ready to welcoming guests again.

Watch the video in which Rolf talks about business meetings in the 1.5 meter economy and his vision for the future.

Interview Van der Valk Hotel Haarlem
After an enormous renovation, Niels Piscaer of Van der Valk Hotel Haarlem was completely ready to welcoming the business guest. But then COVID-19 happened. The conference hotel of Haarlem is very spacious with  20 meeting rooms, optionally in combination with 314 hotel rooms and 378 seats in the restaurant. Therefore they can welcoming their guests again in a safe way.

Watch the video in which Niels talks about business meetings in the 1.5-meter economy and his vision for the future.